“I was referred to R.A.K. while going through a divorce. I was scared to death that paying for my own insurance would break the bank, but Rick took me through several scenarios and helped me select the best option. Then when I sent my daughter off to school, they helped me evaluate the best health insurance for her, and even helped her choose a new physician when she moved into Chicago. Recently we reevaluated our family’s coverage based on some extraordinary health issues. It’s comforting to know we have agents who will sit at our kitchen table and help us choose coverage for our real lives. R.A.K. is a wonderful resource to help you navigate the insurance and health care system-they are available, knowledgeable and responsive. It’s crazy to try to make sense of it on your own.”
Diane Overgard, Life Coach, Aurora

“I’ve known Kurt as a friend for years, but I use R.A.K. because of their professional customer service. I’m young, pretty healthy and I’m single, but I still needed coverage in case something really big happened. Kurt makes sure I’ve got the right coverage. With all the changes in health care coverage, I need to have someone who can deal with the insurance company and help me stay on top of things. Because they’re a smaller company, they pay special attention to each client. R.A.K. reaches out to me, not the other way around. That’s the kind of personal attention I need.”
Mike Tiburtini, Independent Real Estate Broker, Chicago

“I worked with R.A.K. as the agency for my employer for 15 years and they were always professional and on top of things, coming in early before renewal time, offering their honest opinion on cost effective solutions for the company, and not quitting until the job was complete. When our company could no longer offer insurance, I wouldn’t have asked anyone else to help me find individual coverage. I can count on Kurt and Rick to help straighten out any issues that arise with the insurance company. I trust them to take care of my needs. Rick and I even celebrate our birthdays at renewal time. These guys are just awesome!”
Cathy Boness, Office Manager, Batavia

“When we left Corporate America to start a business, we suddenly found ourselves in need of health insurance. Because I was involved in purchasing insurance for employee groups before, I researched many great, reputable brokers- what sealed the deal with R.A.K. was their strong customer service focus. I’m very specific about our health care needs and interest in cost savings. R.A.K. weighs all the pros and cons and recommends the best solutions.
With ‘Obama Care,’ our relationship has become even more critical. Transitioning into this complicated system took extensive research and repeated contacts with the provider. Kurt has practically become my new best friend! He checks on details of coverage for us, and even physician billing we have questions about. That level of service takes a lot of patience and attention-yet R.A.K. consistently delivers in a timely fashion, and they do it with a smile! I’ve never felt like I’m being sold anything- we just get really great service.”
Susan Holmberg, Business Owner, Batavia